I am a documentary photographer with 8 years’ experience and a keen interest in people and storytelling. It was curiosity towards life that led me into photography as a career. I see it as an extension of myself, a way through which I can explore and understand the world. Portraiture is a vehicle that allows me to get close to, and create a deeper connection, with those around me. I love documenting life, as it happens before my eyes. My photographic style welcomes the element of chance and observation, without judgement or interference. I rarely choreograph a shot; by leaving as much space as possible for the subjects to reveal themselves, they take ownership of the narrative. 

Throughout my career, I had the opportunity to work with people from a variety of cultures and communities - from my doorstep in the Peak District, through to Europe and Kenya. This includes commissions from Sheffield Hallam University, Red Bull, Raising Futures Kenya, as well as personal projects such as Yellow Days - a documentary shot in Leros, Greece intertwining the island’s history with stories of the people currently seeking refuge on its shores.

I’m currently co-producing Climb-Being, a project which explores the relationship between climbing and mental wellbeing. It’s important to bring the conversation about mental health further into the mainstream, removing the stigma and taboos still associated with it, while creating a sharing platform and community building space. Over the past year I have been collating interviews from over 70 climbers, and photographed some of them in various climbing locations they feel connected to. The stories that I have been entrusted with - both heartbreaking and heartwarming, have taught me how much power there is in vulnerability. This project will materialise into a multimedia exhibition consisting of interviews, photographs and a short film. 

My experience working in documentary photography has helped me to develop a respectful, non-intrusive work ethic that promotes a safe, inclusive space for participants to feel at ease in front of the camera. My aim is always to create beautiful, honest photographs in a collaborative way. 

It would be a privilege to work with Yorkshire MESMAC on the West Yorkshire Queer Story project; I strongly feel that my photography will complement the queer oral history testimonies collected so far, producing a timeless, cohesive project. 

I believe that my visual storytelling skills and creativity will help paint a better picture of history, herstory and theirstory.