In the deep dark woods

We met Laetitia and Maurice at the highline festival, although our paths had crossed long before then. Their trip started in Greece and finally we met in Poland. We drove in convoy for a while, stopping to pick the plums that are in abundance this time of year. Before nightfall we reached our destination deep in the Sokoliki woods. Climbers over the years have affixed bolts to every granite tower and made these deep dark woods an unbelievable sport climbing Play Park.

Our days took a certain routine: In the morning, bags would be packed full of climbing and slacklining gear to be hauled into the forest. Lunch would be a Tupperware full of plums and dinner would be discussed at length before Dora and Laetitia embarked on some of the best van cooking ever. When it was cold enough we would light the log burner in the van and read until tiredness took a hold.

Words: Hugo Pullen | Photos: Dora Damian