Spomenik Hunt

We met Alex through an advert he posted on Couchsurfing. He had a plan to visit three Yugoslav WW2 spomeniks and we had a Bertie the Lumberbus eager (albeit slow) to take us there - it was a match made in Zagreb. On that note, we can't thank him enough for his company and the wealth of knowledge he shared with us.

Spomeniks are monuments and memorial sites commissioned by Yugoslav president Tito in the 60s and 70s, and dedicated to World War II battles and concentration camp sites.


Pictured below:

- Memorial sculpture commemorating the thousands executed on the site of Jasenovac Concentration Camp during the National Liberation War. Completed in 1966.

- Monument to the Revolution of the people of Moslavina, commemorating the soldiers and veterans who led the community uprising against Axis occupation during the National Liberation War. Completed in 1967.

- Monument to the uprising of the people of Kordun and Banija, built on Petrovac, the highest peak of Petrova Gora. Completed in 1981.